The Problem

With 26 drugs already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration marketed for the treatment of male sexual dysfunctions and ZERO for women – what will it take for the FDA to grant women their own treatment option? It’s clear that there is an unconscious gender bias at the FDA. Treatments for women’s sexual dysfunction seem to be held to a different standard for approval at the FDA, and women suffer the consequences due to lack of access to safe and effective treatments.

The FDA approved the first drug for the treatment of men’s sexual dysfunction decades ago. Viagra, a household name, was approved in 1998.  Sixteen years later, women are still waiting for an FDA-approved solution of their own and they stand ready to support decision-makers and regulators who prioritize woman’s health issues such as this one. Despite the fact that the FDA itself chose female sexual dysfunction as one of its 20 priority areas of unmet need, women still wait for a single safe and effective FDA approved treatment  for a common sexual issue that affects 1 in 10 of them.

It’s time to even the score when it comes to the treatment of women’s sexual dysfunction.